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Let’s Elevate Your Life


I'm truly honored and inspired by my sister Deziree and the gifting God has placed inside of her.  She has helped me grow and develop in so many ways that I didn't know I even needed.  A recent session I had with her was very much needed, It not only showed me what I needed to see about myself but also was a great refresher and amazing breakthrough.  Things I thought I had really forgiven people for were still deeply rooted inside and I didn't even realize it.  I'm grateful for her gifting and her desire to go so deep in God and willingness to bring others there.  Her heart is truly one after God himself. Deziree thank you for being obedient to God and his calling for your life.

Stefanie S.

All that happened that night came from a place of active love. My deliverance experience was like none I had encountered before. The peace and serenity that rest upon the virtual call brought me freedom. Who knew that deliverance could bring you to an atmosphere of calm. Deziree was patient, loving and extremely thorough. She left no doors to be open and all that were illegal closed. I am grateful for the freedom and inner healing I experienced. But I am even more thankful for the practical tips to walk out my freedom. Thank You Deziree for being God’s vessel! 

Deja May

This deliverance session was my first but I can confidently say also the best because of the safety that existed even virtually. All fear, anxiety and insecurity was removed once the session started. I felt so comfortable and most importantly I felt Holy Spirit. Deziree took me through every step and declaration and once we were finished there was true freedom and instructions on how to maintain and walk through my freedom. I would highly recommend you sign up for your session because there is peace, clarity and newness on the other side. 

Lauren Thorpe 

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